2020: What’s New?

March 19, 2020

Ron’s painting “Canning Lighthouse at Dusk” is seen on page 1 of the March 19-April 2, 2020 issue of The Grapevine.




February 14, 2020

Sandra’s new ChatterSox characters, Mildred and Milton Poindexter, are made for each other!


Milton Poindexter is proud to have completed his Up and Coming Junior Accountants course and has just recently started his first job at Margo’s Place Night Club. It’s challenging work trying to make sense of Margo’s mess of receipts and piles of illegible notes. Margo is pleased to have an honest looking, clean cut front man to straighten out her shady bookkeeping. Milton finds it a bit awkward to try and make Margo understand that her business must have only ONE set of books.

Mildred Poindexter keeps busy with her duties as Vice President of the Gardening Committee in the prestigious Ladies Tea and Garden Club. She loves preparing for each meeting by poring through her seed catalogues and lingering over the entrancing illustrations and photos of lovely mature plants. The motto of the Ladies Tea and Garden Club is “Carpe Tea-em”, while the motto of the Gardening Committee is “Carpe Weed-em”.

At the end of a stressful day, Milton looks forward to sitting with Mildred in their comfy chairs, sharing a pot of tea and listening to their favourite radio show “The Adventures of Johnny Dash, Detective”.


January 16, 2020

Ron’s painting “Dockside, Hall’s Harbour” is seen on page 8 of the January 16-February 6, 2020 issue of The Grapevine.