BLOG:  Ron’s illustration for the community ID sign for the town of Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia 






  1. stacystudios says:

    Very nice website. I haven’t looked at it all yet, but I will!
    We’ll put you on our friend’s link as well, and thanks!
    Good Luck, Ron and Marcia Stacy

  2. Edward Louie says:

    Great Website!! Many thanks for sharing

  3. Janet Lightfoot says:

    I’ve enjoyed reading your history.
    Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. Jennie Jolly says:

    Hello Ron,
    I know that you enjoyed your trip to PEI and I’m sure you left all “Islander Booklovers “dazzled by your talents. You and Sandra have made books and words come alive sharing your special talents with the world. Congratulations! Your website is great!

  5. dylan says:

    i was just emailing to say merry Christmas and that second hand rose will live a happy life in my house and she is being talked to every day and that will stay the same
    thank you
    lots of love Dylan,

  6. Hi Dylan,
    We’re so glad that Second Hand Rose has a new home with you and we’re sure you two will be best friends!
    Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2014!
    Sandra and Ron

  7. nan gregory says:

    Hello Ron and Sam,

    I just linked to your website from mine. http://www.nangregory.com. Please do visit it, and link back to me.

    I hope you’re faring well this winter. Don and I are off to Belize in a few days. I’ve never kayaked in warm water. I’m looking forward to it, believe me.


  8. dylan says:

    hi,I am going to grandmas soon I will be sure to bring second hand rose and face time you guys love you lots and soon to see you guys
    love you lots, Dylan

  9. Hi Dylan – We’re glad to know that Second Hand Rose has found such a good friend like you! We hope you both have fun visiting with grandma. Lots of love, Sandra & Ron

  10. Dylan hopkins says:

    I missed on the FaceTime but I will soon,I want to come and visit and see what it looks like there and if I ever come I will be sure to bring my little second hand rose and I love her more then a lot of things
    Lots of love .dylan

  11. Hi Dylan — Nice to hear from you again! Be sure to check out some new photos on our “What’s New in 2014?” blog https://thelightburns.com/whats-new-in-2014/

    Everyone at the Ladies Tea & Garden Club sends greetings to Second Hand Rose and hopes that she is finding lots of bargains and treasures.

    Love, Sandra and Ron

  12. Beverley Knox says:

    Hi Ron and Sam
    Doug Weaver is introducing me to your talents. He introduced me to Barb and Vic Bosson. I pencil sketch a little.
    Lovely work. Thanks for your art.
    Doug says high.
    Beverley Knox

  13. Hi Beverley – Thanks for your kind comments. Say hi to Doug. 🙂
    Best wishes,
    Sam and Ron

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